Rubber Covering – Hypalon

Hypalon Rubber Covering

Designed to meet the requirements of today’s industries such as printing, textile, steel, and paper.

Hypalon compounds are produced In varying durometer hardness ranges of 35 – 95.

Hypalon is a Du Pont trade name for Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene (CSM). This polymer has been used in the roller covering industry for many years and the early difficulties with processing the material have now disappeared with the evolution of modern processing aids.

Hypalon compounds are used primarily where a combination of heat and chemical resistance is required such as laminating, film processing, steel and chemical treatment processes. High hardness grades 90-95 Shore A also exert good abrasion resistance and can withstand high roll loadings. The compound offers special grades such as Anti static types usually black but some colours are available on request. High Hardness Grade 90-95 Shore A and food quality types.

Rubber Covering is also offered for the following applications

Hypalon Key Features & Benefits

Temperature range of
-20°C to 140°C
Very good abrasion resistance.
Excellent Ozone
Toughness Throughout
the Range
Good Range of
Chemical Resistance

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