Rubber Covering

Rubber Covered Rollers

North West Roller Services Ltd offer a complete in-house service to either refurbish existing cylinders and sleeves or rubber cover from new.

Rubber Covered Rollers | Rubber Covered Cylinders and Sleeves. North West Roller Services Ltd prides its self on producing rubber-covered rollers to a high quality. All procedures and processes are monitored with full traceability to ensure consistency and repeatability to ensure the finished ground surface meets the high standard required by our customers.

We have two large Autoclaves that enable us to cover lengths of up to 4.4 meters with rollers up to a ton in weight, this gives more flexibility for customer’s demands.

Precision surface grinding, polishing and grooving, can be achieved to an exacting standard. Our same level of commitment to quality translates to all applications whatever the final process, from the latest wallpaper collection to the most sophisticated packaging or textile design. In all markets, North West Roller Services Ltd are leaders in the field of roller technology.

Overview of North West Roller Services Ltd Rubber Covering products

We have many years of experience in the engineering of rubber covered rollers, cylinders and sleeves.

North West Roller Services Ltd offer a complete in house service to either refurbish existing cylinders and sleeves or rubber cover from new using rubber compounds to suit the requirements of today’s Industries such as printing, textile, steel and paper with a hardness range from 25 to 100 shore A.

This ensures we can satisfy the most challenging of customer requests.


Rubber Covering is offered for the following applications

NWRS Rubber Covering Key Features & Benefits

Fast Turnaround

Our two large autoclaves that can cure multiple rollers each time affords us the capability to offer a flexible turnaround to suit our customer’s urgent requirements. 

Wide Range of
Rubber Compounds.

We offer many types of compounds, each one with a specific makeup to suit the requirements of various processes that the customer requires. Compounds can be modified in colour and in hardness upon request. 

Product Knowledge

North West Roller Services Ltd production and sales team have over one hundred years of industry experience between them! This enables us to inform customers of the correct rubber compounds needed for all types of processes.

Stock Rubber

We hold on average around 4.5 tones of Rubber compounds in stock. This enables us to react immediately to a customer’s request, therefore, speeding up the production time and returning the finished product on time.

Traceability &

North West Roller Services Ltd have complete traceability on all rubber rollers we provide to our customers. With this knowledge, we are able to replicate rubber rollers time and time again to exact specifications.

Lengths & Weight

We can rubber cover up to lengths of 4000mm between centres, and 570mm in diameter, we also have the lifting ability that enables us to cover large rollers reaching up to a tonne in weight.

Common questions we get asked about ITR Laser Engraving

Bad cleaning habits can shorten a rollers service life, certain rubber rollers/cylinders require different cleaning methods and
products. We would advise you to contact our production department and speak to one of our highly experienced personnel to
inform you of the safest way and correct way to clean your rollers/cylinders. Always use appropriate cleaning solutions.

The manufacturing of a rubber roller is a straight forward process that involves the fabrication of the roller core, rubber
compounding, bonding, covering, vulcanizing and grinding.

Yes is the answer, although it may be slightly more expensive to switch from the standard compound colour you are able to
choose which ever colour you like in most rubber compounds regardless of shore hardness.

How to handle.

1. Lift the rollers only on the shafts, never on their rubber.
2. In case of any possible mechanical force, protect the rubber with cellular foam material.

How to store.

1. Never put the rollers onto the floor.
2. Avoid any mechanical force against its rubber.
3. The rollers must be supported on their shafts.
4. Avoid any UV light to the rubber.
5. Turn the rollers every month by 90° to prevent banding on rubber.
6. Store in temperatures ranging from 15° – 30° in 65% relative humidity.

Removing and installing.

1. Avoid contact with hard and peaked objects.
2. Remove surface protection covering after build-in.

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