Grinding & Grooving

Grinding, Grooving and Cambering of Cylinders and Sleeves

North West Roller Services Ltd recently invested in a new custom-built HNC – RGV600 for fast, fully automatic machining of rubber cylinders.

This high-speed CNC controlled machine with the latest technology enables Grinding, Grooving and Cambering of Cylinders and Sleeves, machining lengths of up to 4000mm and 650mm in diameter providing many types of grooved and patterned rubber rollers needed for the printing industry.

Specifically designed for Grooving and creating the following patterns:-

  • Horizontal Linear Groove
  • Radial Groove
  • Diamond Pattern
  • Chevron Pattern (spreader rolls)
  • Parallel Groove
  • Parabolic Cambering
  • Taper
  • Step Taper (trapezoidal)
  • Concave
  • Spiral
  • Screw Helix
  • Crosshatch
  • Segmented Feed Rollers

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