Rubber Covering – Electrostatic Assist

Electrostatic Assist Rubber Covering - NWRS

Designed to meet the requirements of today’s industries such as compounds with Gravure Printing Standards.

Electrostatic Assist Rubber Covered Rollers – E.S.A compounds are designed to meet these standards and are manufactured in a number of durometer hardnesses.

Electrostatic Assist compounds were developed to work in conjunction with various electronic systems such as Enulec, Eltex, Spangler, Crossfield, and Hurleton. The range of compounds includes semi-conducting, highly conductive, and insulating, all having corresponding resistance values.

The objective of these systems is to improve Gravure printing quality together with an increased running speed when possible. this is achieved by passing a d.c current along the surface of the roller and to charge the ink with the reverse polarity, therefore if the surface resistivity is consistent, the amount of ink picked up is also consistent. Approximately 80% of E.S.A rollers are produced with a two-layer structure; i.e. a Semi-conducting outer layer and an inner insulation layer; 3 layer systems consist of a highly conductive layer between the other two layers. Semi-conducting hardness 84 Shore A, Highly-conductive Hardness 90 Shore A.

Rubber Covering is also offered for the following applications

Key Features & Benefits of E.S.A compounds

Improves Gravure
Printing Quality
Ink Pick Up
Avilable in a number
of durometer hardnesses

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