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North West Roller Services Ltd has been long recognised as the premier supplier of rubber-covered rollers, Laser engraved ITR rollers and sleeves for the printing industry. We also developed a working relationship with Strachan Henshaw the original developer of the Conical sleeve system here in the UK. Following the demise of Strachan Henshaw, we quickly became the main manufacturer of Conical and Parallel sleeves servicing the UK market.

Being recognised as the major sleeve manufacturer here in the UK our name has become synonymous with quality service and efficient delivery of our products. We pride ourselves in our ability to meet our customer demands and in doing so this is reflected in our ability to retain existing loyalty and attract new customers.

North West Roller Services Ltd are now the UK Market Leader for Conical & Parallel Sleeves, having manufactured both Conical and Parallel sleeves for over 22 years here on our site in Cheshire. Our name has become the watchword when it comes to UK sleeve manufacture.

North West Roller Services Ltd have long been suppliers of Fibreglass sleeves covering the Packaging, Lamination, and Industrial sectors in the UK. Due to our product knowledge and technical know-how, we have the expertise to convert existing roller lamination/printing machines to utilise the sleeve system, in doing so reduce costs and decrease production downtime.

Using the sleeve systems reduces the need for heavy crates, lifting equipment, and specialised storage systems. Sleeves can be transported very easily due to their lightweight construction.

We are currently developing our export market providing fibreglass sleeve cores to many rubber covering and importing agencies around the world. The advantage being the rubber covering companies gain added value by rubber covering the sleeves themselves, thus becoming a local supplier within their locality.

Our expansion has been reflected in an unprecedented operating record over thirty years, maintaining steady growth without compromising stability and product quality

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We have worked with NWRS Ltd for several years and found the quality service and communication to be excellent. Recent creasing problems have been resolved with one of their tailor-made spreader rollers which removed all the earlier issues, well done to all at NWRS Ltd.

John Critchlow
Maintenance Manager, Spandex Ltd

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