Print Cylinder Protection Covers

Print Cylinder Protection Covers - UK

NWRS Print Cylinder Protection Covers.

Our Covers provide custom-fit protection for cylinders such as Flexo Rubber Laser engraved Cylinders, Gravure Rollers, Anilox Rollers, and other cylinders used in the printing industry.

They are mainly used to protect the edge and face of the cylinders from impact damage that occurs during handling and storage.

Covers can be made to size to the customer’s specifications.

Product Detail

  • Strong 50mm wide Velcro Strip Fixing full length
  • Smooth vinyl material
  • Foam inside padding

Protection covers for

  • Anilox Cylinders
  • Flexographic Packaging Rollers
  • Gravure Printing Rollers
  • TPI Rollers
  • Application Rollers
  • Furnishing Rollers
  • Wallpaper Flexo and Surface Print Rollers
  • Security Print Rollers

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