ITR Laser Engraving Spreader/ Chevron/ Rewind Rollers

ITR Laser Engraving. Spreader- Chevron- Rewind Rollers

ITR Application – Spreader/ Chevron/ Rewind Rollers

These three rollers can all come under the same category, all designed to do a similar job. Used in the paper, film, foil, and textile industries to spread the web material uniformly in order to eliminate creases or wrinkles.

The rollers are engraved with different width grooves at a desired angle to aid and assist this process.

ITR Laser Engraving Key Features & Benefits

The UK's Largest
Engraving Facility.
High Definition
Flexographic Sleeves.
30 Years+
Laser Engraving Experience.
I.T.R Continuous.
Lengths and Diameter.

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